BrightSky (BSKY) BWMS

     Ballast Water System Treatment by BSKY

We are exclusive agents of Wuxi Bright Sky Electronic Co. Ltd, manufacturer of the BSKYTM  Ballast Water Management System.

Brightsky (BSKY) is the only one in the world creating high efficient hydrocyclone for BWMS.
This is a Patented system based on EPT (Enhanced Physical Treatment) technology which adopts the best combination of Hydrocyclone, US prefilters and UV equipment.


The main features of BSKY systems are:

  • Extremely Low Consumption
  • Outstanding Biological Efficiency
  • Small And Compact Footprint
  • Simple Structure
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance CostBSKY can provide Full Series of products with explosion-proof (Exd IIB T4 IP54) functions from 100m3 – 6000m3 capacities.
    The incorporated Intelligent Control System monitors the operating status of the BSKY BWMS.
    It meets IMO D-2 requirements as well as the California & New York standards.

It is Type approved by:

  • the Korean Classification Society
  • the BV Classification Society
  • the Chinese Classification Society, as well as
  • All other Classification Societies on a vessel to vessel basis
  • the Liberia Flag Certificate
  • IMO MEPC 62/INF 20 type approval
  • AMS, USCG Acceptance Certificate

Furthermore, BSKY will be responsible to upgrade the systems in case USCG requirements change.

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BSKY BWMS_Brochure