Sampling Solutions

Representative samples with CMT sampling equipment

One of the most important aspects of any oil analysis is the sampling process by which a representative sample of the oil is obtained from a bigger volume. If the sample is not representative for the total volume the following oil analysis is of no value! Drip Sampler

Especially with non-homogeneous products as heavy fuel oil, a representative sample is essential. It is essential to get a suitably drawn and witnessed representative bunker fuel oil sample for laboratory analysis, onborad testing but also as a regulatory MAROPL sample. It forms the basis of all possible discussion, debate or dispute resolution relating to the bunkering. Representative samples from non-homogeneous products can only be obtained by time or flow proportional sampling methods.

For IMO Marpol ANNEX VI compliance CMT offers the following products:

  •     Bunker Sample Storage Cabinet
  •     HFO Drip Sampler
  •     Bunker Sampling Accessories
  •     Sample Bottles & Consumables

CMT also provides Vacuum sampling pumps for sampling luboils and hydraulic oils as well as the necessary accessories and adequate sampling containers.