Fuel Treatment Diesel Switch

   Fuel Treatment Diesel Switch


Serves for safe engine operation of automatic change over as well as for automatic blending procedure.

  • Complies with MARPOL regulations
  • Easy installation / short downtime
  • Process safety
  • Prevent thermal damage on engine
  • Prevent unwanted heating of MDO
  • Prevent sludge
  • Blending oil saves expensive diesel fuel
  • Just-in-time-change saves diesel fuel


  • Automatic fuel change-over or blending
  • Simplest and universal design / turn key product
  • Thermal isolated system
  • Optimised control algorithm of fuel temperatures
  • Correct pressure ratio of MDO and HFO
  • Fuel incompatibility check
  • Data storage on SD / MMC card, optional print out
  • Fuel record book (blend or change over)



  • Power supply: 230 V; 50/60 Hz.; 80 W
  • Air supply: 6 bar dry and clean (for pneumatic shut off valve)
  • DN 32…80
  • PN 16

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