Oil Condition Monitoring

Reduce Downtime Significantly

Fuel and lubricating oils are the lifeblood of engines and machinery.  Since the quality of fuel oil and lubricants directly affecting engine and machinery performance and also the efficiency and maintenance costs, the condition of the fuel and lubricants must be closely and consistently monitored to protect the investment.Knowledge is power, and time is money. So it follows that fast and informed on-site decision-making is fundamental to deploying effective maintenance and safeguarding critical machinery from damage. The impact of successful troubleshooting can equate to millions of Euros in savings, but successful preventive measures can only be implemented if problems are identified in time.

CMT’s oil condition monitoring equipment enables engineers and maintenance managers to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily on-site, providing laboratory grade oil condition results in minutes. Oil condition monitoring and machinery oil analysis helps to:

  •     Protect your assets
  •     Improve your productivity
  •     Increase your uptime
  •     Save your money

While temperature, pressure and vibration sensors all have their part to play in an oil condition monitoring and machinery oil analysis, early detection of changes in oil and lubricant condition provide greater insight into the actual condition of vital machinery and equipment.

CMT offers a range of innovative and practical on-line sensors for wear metal debris and oil condition detection and monitoring.

The Oilsensor range is designed to provide plant engineers and maintenance managers with real time, continuously monitored testing and analysis data for critical plant and equipment.

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