AMS Engine Diagnostic System (EDS)

 Engine Diagnostic System (EDS)

  • EDS is a sophisticated systems that provides thorough performance information for all types of Diesel Engines and as a Predictive Maintenance tool can save your company thousands of US$$$$$$$.
  • The EDS is a portable unit that monitors the combustion process of all types of Diesel Engines in real time.
  • It allows you to tune the engine while measuring and detects faults or irregularities early in the developing stage.
  • The EDS consists of a handheld unit, a cylinder pressure sensor that connects to the indicator valve of the cylinder being measured.
  • The EDS is easy-to-use and very intuitive thanks to the single function buttons:
    • Engine Measure
    • File
    • Graph
    • Bar
    • Table
    • Mode
    • Setup and Help.

There are no hidden sub menus. The large icons are self-explanatory. User can navigate by the arrows, confirm by the YES button and return back by the NO button.

The EDS is designed as a stand alone unit. The long battery life, the 320 x 240 pixels screen allows operation without a PC. The large non-volatile memory stores 60 meassurment records, up to 20 cylinders each. The engine library can keep 30 engine data files. The EDS measures in auto-stop and continuous modes: AutoStop: ON stops measuring after a preset number of diagrams. It is suitable for routine, scheduled monitoring of the Engine Performance.

AutoStop: ON measures, in real time, continuously till you press a button to stop. It is suitable to tune the engine while measuring.

The EDS has Graph, Bar and Table visual modes
All three can be used to meassure or to analyze data records. Graph shows the Pressure – Angle diagram(s).You can compare cylinders,zoom the diagrams, read the pressure at the cursor position from multiple diagrams. Bar displays either absolute or relative (% deviation) plots of a selected measured or calculated parameter for cylinder-to-cylinder comparison.

The Engine Diagnostics System is supplied with a PC software package the EDS Viewer. The transfer of measurement records and engine data files to PC folders is done by the USB cable provided.


  • Accuracy
  • Environmental Operation of your Engines by Optimizing Combustion.
  • Real Time Engine Tuning
  • User Friendliness
  • Best Value for Money that the Marine Market can currently offer

Standard Configuration

1. EDS Hand held unit (230x105x40mm), 500gr, 20 hours battery life
2. Pressure sensor, Kistler 7613, 250 bar 350 C
3. Thompson Adaptor
4. PC to EDS USB Cable
5. Battery Charger
6. “EDS Viewer” Software Package
7. Instructions Manual

Optional Parts

1. Pair of inductive Pick-ups
2. TDC Magnetic Pick-up
3. Pick-up(s) Junction Box
4. Accoustic Emission Injection Sensor
5. Extension Cable for the TDC Pick-up Sm
6. Extension Cable 25m for Pair of Pick-ups
7. Fleet Management Software Program


Also, optionally we can offer the following:

  • Fuel Acoustics Emission Sensors (Exclusive only for AMS’s systems.)
    • Note that the above sensor allows you to prolong the life of your injectors and fuel pumps while keeping the downtime and costs of replacement spare parts to the minimum. Controlling fuel afterburning has never been easier.
    • With the above sensor you have the prospect for a full investment return of its cost and of the systems as well.
  • Scavenge  Air Pressure Sensors

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