AMS CSR to customers

COVID-19 response from Advanced Marine Solutions (AMS Greece)

Our company shows responsibility and commitment to our customers and partners needs, in the COVID era. – We are adapting our routine tasks, as well as, our strategic planning to the new market conditions. – We communicate with our market actors via the telephone, email, our Webpage and the Social Media, such as the LinkedIn, the YouTube and the Twitter. – We respect the government instructions in order to keep our employees as safe as possible. – Another priority is the customer service at no expense of the public health. – We accelerate the adaptation of our marketing tools using interactive real time, online video-audio interface for our sales presentations (e.g. teleconference means). – Our on-board repair crews (riding teams) adhere to the guiding instructions for safeguarding both their own health, as well as, the health of the visiting vessels’ crew.

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