AMS Diesel Engine Indicator (DEI)

AMS Diesel Engine Indicator (DEI)

The new “Low Budget” Diesel Electronic Indicator documentation is suitable for vessel’s Engines Combustion Analysis (DEI).

  • Diesel Engine Indicator is an advanced cylinder pressure and acoustic emissions based monitoring system. The system incorporates sensors and flywheel pickups of ultimate quality and accuracy. It is designed for use on all types of two or four stroke slow, medium or high speed engines (even V-type engines).
  • DEI turns any PC into a Diesel Engine Combustion Analyzer allowing real time engine measurement and tuning. Our Monitoring systems can be used to monitor as many diesel engines that may exist on-board a vessel. It runs under any Windows including 2000, XP & Newer.


  • No connection cable between Kistler sensor and the electronic device
  • No software or drivers installations are needed
  • Simple interface
  • Automatic TDC adjustment
  • Can be used with and without Pick-ups
  • Highest possible accuracy/reliability
  • Suitable for both Slow speed 2- stroke and Medium to High 4 – stroke diesel engines
  • Can be used as a Maxi-meter
  • Low price
  • Protects from Costly Downtime
  • A Single Operator can run the Entire System
  • Real Time Engine Tuning
  • Cost Savings on Parts and Labor. Replacement of parts is based on need and not on time intervals.
  • Engine Efficiency is increased by the use of thorough Information and Evaluation of your Engine’s
  • Timing incorporating the Performanceof you Fuel Pumps and Injectors
  • Balances Output, Extends Engine Life and Increases performance
  • Assists in reducing Emissions to be Environmentally Compliant
  • Small Measurement Files for quick transfer to home office via e-mail
  • Comprehensive Technical support

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Performance Data

  • P – A, P – V, Light – Spring Diagrams
  • P(i), p(ind), p(ign), p(comp), p(max), p(exp)
  • RPM, A(ign), A(max),
  • Lambda, W, ℓ, VIT, a(pmp), a(opn), a(inj), l(ing)
  • SFOC,
  • Fleet Management Software


 The base system includes:
  • Electronic Indicator Unit with embedded Kistler sensor
  • PC software and manual
  • USB to PC Connection cable
  • Storage case

Available Configurations:

  • Multisensor 24h monitoring
  •  One sensor hardwired system
  •  EDS (Portable handheld version)
  •  DEI (Budget Portable handheld version)


  • Pair of inductive Pick-ups
  • Pair of Pick-ups with magnetic TDC Pick-up
  • TDC magnetic Pick-up
  • Optical Pick-up
  • Inductive Pick-up
  • Optical TDC Pick-up Holder
  • Pickups connection cable 10m
  • Pick-ups Junction Box
  • Pick-ups Junction Box with Extension cable 25m

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