Homogenizer Unit (HGU)

A dynamic milling machine to be used in the fuel system on board ships.

The Homogenizer Unit is usually installed in fuel and/or tank circulating system and is designed and solely intended for improving the fuel quality.

It is designed to improve your fuel quality which will lead to a better combustion and less maintenance. Furthermore, it can reduce sludge in case of fuel incompatibility. Specifically, it serves for:

  • stable fuel conditions in storage, settling, or service tanks
  • treat sludge, or waste oil
  • stable long-term blended fuel
  • increase of the amount of burnable fuel, in case of bad fuel quality.
  • high saving potential

It is suitable for all type of vessels with 2 and 4 stroke main engine in dual fuel operation (HFO/MDO/new type of fuel oil acc. Sulphur cap), e. g. tankers, LNG, container, bulkers, cruise vessels.


  • Continuous homogenizing by shearing of asphaltene clusters
  • Pure mechanical & no chemical treatment
  • Continuous generation of water in fuel emulsion
  • Sludge treatment on board
  • Fuel treatment in fuel circulating system reduce sludge of fuel incompatibility


  • Reduces sludge through waste oil treatment
  • Avoid fuel incompatibility in circulating system
  • Fuel treatment, conditioning and harmonizing
  • Maximizes the amount of burnable fuel
  • Increases fuel quality for optimized combustion
  • Less wear and tear on engine components


  • Homogenizer
  • Feed pump
  • Piping
  • Inlet strainer
  • In-/outlet ball valve
  • Flow switch, and
  • Control cabinet


  • Complete mounted unit on frame with workshop certificate
  • Capacity according to specifications
  • Max 15bar; max. 150°C (oil temp.); flange: DIN2633
  • Control cabinet included as individual part
  • Power supply: 400/460V; 50/60Hz

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