Cat Fines Test II Kit

Cat Fines Test II Kit

Everybody in the Marine industry has heard their share of horror stories of Cat Fines induced damages onboard.

Catalytic fines are usually aluminum and silicon compounds, which are in friction pairings rather abrasive. Statistics of high cylinder and piston ring wear cases showed that in nearly 90% of these cases Cat Fines particles embedded in the liner surface are the cause for the wear. Therefore, engine manufacturers such as MAN but also WÄRTSILÄ reduced the allowed amount of Cat Fines entering into the engine during the combustion process to 10 ppm and lower.

Our partners CMT have developed the OTK-CT-11229 Cat Fines Test Kit giving the Marine Industry the first test kit accurate enough to test at all critical locations on board.


  • Electronic measurement and evaluation, no room for human error due to visual interpretation
  • Unparalleled accuracy (+/- 2 ppm)
  • Test within the required Cat Fines limit of 10 ppm before engine
  • Quick testing times for an on the spot result (5 min.)
  • Useable for bunker fuel deliveries, before and after the separator and before engine
  • Check the separators performance
OTK-CT-11229 Cat Fines Test Kit
Range min. detectable value 8 ppm
Accuracy +/- 2 ppm
Test Time 5 minutes
No. of Tests 30


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Watch this video to see how easy this test is:

CT Cat Fines II Test