Remote Performance Monitoring System (RMS)


Fuel Monitoring Ship /Fleet Management /Fuel Efficiency

Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is a complete fleet level solution that monitors individual vessel’s performance, fuel consumption and bunkering events. A complete scalable Fleet Monitoring web portal for easy access via PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones on the go.


  • Ease of navigation
  • Graphical data charts
  • Regular positions and data updates
  • Support data comparison using charts
  • Support reports generation and export
  • Provide vessel historical position route with detail events information
  • Support estimated R.O.B. calculation
  • Fleet management
  • User account management
  • Further customization possible


  • Real time monitoring in the office or on the moves
  • Hourly engine consumption at the finger tips
  • Enable onshore user closely monitor vessel whereabout with down to 5 mins position update
  • Push notification to register user mobile phone on monitored events
  • No more missing events notification
  • Up to 3 years onshore historical data
  • Daily summary reports to give user a full day overview on the individual engine consumption and running mins
  • Constant system enhancement to give owner a better user experience


  • Industrial PC based fuel monitoring and performance system RMS expandable for all available datapoints and interfaces.
  • Customized pre-configuration of the real ship operation system on board (engines [ME’s / AE’s], boilers, shaft generators)
  • Supports multiple engines, bunkers and engines parameters on board.
  • Web portal for on board / on shore.
  • Real time monitoring of fuel consumptions and all implemented parameter.
  • Performance charts and reports are available.
  • Data storage and data history visualization.
  • Communication mode to on shore server for notification, database as well as report updates.
  • Minimum human intervention is required.
  • Fleet monitoring on shore based on available server database and reports (PC or mobile devices).
    • Submit requests for immediate position of the vessel and the total fuel consumption since the last report.
    • View the tracking history including events that took place on this fleet.

Optional Components:

I. Satellite terminal (ST 6100)

Best sensors for highest system accuracy, as good input results in good output.


  • Easy installation
  • Global coverage (A1+A2+A3)
  • Robust design, light weight and small footprint
  • Highly reliable
  • Integrated with GPS receiver


  • Electronic display for onsite verification
  • Highest accuracy (better than 0.5 % in total)
  • Paired calibration for use in supply and return measurement
  • All meters with Marine Type Approval (LR, DNV, RR and GL)
  • Highest operational safety including burst pressure and flammable endurance tests
  • Cost-effective due to minimum maintenance requirements
  • Flexible to use in different fuels like heavy fuel oil (HFO, different grades), marine diesel oil (MDO) or diesel oil (DO)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Mass & mass-flow calculation
  • Comparable to Coriolis meter

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