On Board Repairs-Riding Teams through the COVID-19 era: High caliper experienced Service Engineers on a Wide Range of Machinery Maintenance and emergency Repairs all over the world: See photos from our recent jobs

Our company has available riding teams directly employed by AMS, which have been carefully chosen and include high caliper Service Engineers, with wide experience in onboard maintenance and emergency repairs, all over the world. We are familiar with all types of Engines. We are able to carry out a wide range of Machinery Maintenance and Repairs onboard. More information on the Riding Teams page.

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COVID-19 response from Advanced Marine Solutions (AMS Greece)

Our company shows responsibility and commitment to our customers and partners needs, in the COVID era. – We are adapting our routine tasks, as well as, our strategic planning to the new market conditions. – We communicate with our market actors via the telephone, email, our Webpage and the Social Media, such as the LinkedIn, the YouTube and the Twitter. – We respect the government instructions in order to keep our employees as safe as possible. – Another priority is the customer service at no expense of the public health. – We accelerate the adaptation of our marketing tools using interactive real time, online video-audio interface for our sales presentations (e.g. teleconference means). – Our on-board repair crews (riding teams) adhere to the guiding instructions for safeguarding both their own health, as well as, the health of the visiting vessels’ crew.

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