Diesel Switch Smart

Automated change over unit and fuel blending

Fuel management without compromise

The use of a Fuel Management System with automated, secure switching from HFO to MDO/MGO and vis-versa, offers the possibility to realize a secure, yet fast switching operation with knowledge and monitoring of system. A reduction of the engine power is not required.

  • Serves for safe engine operation of automatic change-over procedure, as well as fuel management.
  • It´s a smart system (consisting of change over valve, 1 temperature transmitter main engine and control cabinet) to control fuel change-over process.
  • Flange connections according to model DNxx PN16 (DIN2633):
    • Air supply: 4-6bar CDA
    • Power supply: 230VAC; 50/60Hz
    • Delivered as individual parts
    • Inclusive MDO cooler control
  • The Diesel Switch SMART is a low-cost version for the changeover process with the minimum requirements needed.
  • Additional Sensors and valves can be selected optional when needed.
  • Helps you to comply with MARPOL regulation. It controls fully automatically the change-over and blending process on board and will manage additional processes within your fuel system.
  • Protects your engine – no human risk!
  • Saves ship operation – change over or blending process in maneuvering areas.Features:
    • Simplest and universal design / turn key product
    • Automatic fuel change over, or permanently controlled fuel blending of different types of fuel oil
    • Full DNVGL type approval certificate
    • Saving fuel costs
    • Control of rise of fuel temperature on engine inlet
    • Full data visualization and storage
    • Additional GPS-position and logging available

  • Benefits
    • Fast and safe fuel switching under normal ship operation conditions
    • Continuous blending possible to save expensive MDO/MGO
    • High ship availability and safety in maneuvering area’s
    • Complies with MARPOL regulations
    • Easy installation / short downtime
    • Prevent thermal damage on engine
    • Prevent propulsion lost caused by low viscosity

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