Water Ingress Alarm

Vimex develops and manufactures the Water Ingress Alarm System (WIAS) for detection of water ingress into cargo holds. Our system will help ship owners comply with IACS S24 requirements for bulk carrier safety.

Bulk carriers are extremely vulnerable in case of accidental ingress of water into cargo holds – in particular when carrying heavy cargos like iron and son on. The combined weight of the cargo and the water flooding into the holds may then cause the vessel to break up.

VIMEX WIAS is a micro-processor programmed and PLC-monitored Water Ingress Alarm System. All ingress alarms are separate and individually indicated on an alarm panel with reference to each specific cargo hull. Dedicated level switches are mounted inside an extremely strong casing, protecting the switches from damage by the cargo or other types of activities.



System features:

  •     Compact, rugged construction
  •     Easy to install
  •     Wide temperature range (-60°C to +80 °C)
  •     No calibration
  •     Fail safe operation

The level switches (type NOR 2593) are magnetic float operated with a fixed oil/water resistant cable.

Main specifications:


  •         Reed switch contact: NC
  •         Max voltage: 175 VDC
  •         Max current: 0.25 A


  •         Switch housing: Stainless steel SIS2343/A316
  •         Float: Titanium (stainless steel on request)
  •         Switch casing: Painted black steel
  •         Junction box inside the level switch casing