Portable Equipment

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it.”

Vimex has been a producer of portable measuring equipment for more than 25 years. By utilising our experience and ingenuity we are able to offer a total solution with a wide range of measuring instruments for all your needs on-board the vessel.

Our Multi Marine Kit provides high precision and reliable meters suitable for easy recording of essential process variables. As it is required that ship sensors at all times display correctly, the kit also includes relevant test and calibration tools. The Multi Marine Kit is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment without reducing the life-time of the singular tools.

Wherever your vessel is located, Vimex has an extensive network of supply and service facilities to meet your needs. We are represented in major ports in Norway, as well as in Dubai,
Singapore and Rotterdam.

In a compact and rugged transportation case, our Multi Marine Kit includes a selection of essential and commonly used instruments:

  •     Temperature calibrator
  •     Pressure calibrator
  •     Multifunction and loop calibrator
  •     Multimeter
  •     IR thermometer

A wide range of other instruments may also be supplied, such as alco and drug meters, distance meters, IR cameras, noise meters, pressure and temperature gauges, gas detectors, ultrasonic thickness meters, hygrometers, dust detectors, ampere meters, tank sounding radars, water analysers, leak detectors and so on.