Fuel Cut 14000

The Fuel Cut 14000 system helps ship crew to continuously monitor the momentary fuel consumption. The system will guide you to find the ideal combination of propeller pitch and engine RPM for your actual load conditions.Being the most accurate fuel consumption system in the market, Fuel Cut 14000 saves accumulated fuel logs and momentary values from day one after installation. The system also gives information on main parameters as fuel oil temperature and density.


Why invest in Fuel Cut 14000?

  •     Full control of your fuel consumption at any time
  •     Reduction of fuel consumption
  •     Easy saving of 1-10 % fuel consumption without loss of speed
  •     Saving the environment
  •     Reduction of emission tax
  •     Control unit for other analysis related to optimized ship performance
  •     Easy to install and operate
  •     Investment covered in less then a year with 1 % fuel saving
  •     No maintenance cost

The flow sensor installed is operating using the Coriolis principle. It is maintenance free and does not contain parts that could obstruct fuel flow if a malfunction should occur.

Flow sensor main features are:

  •     Digital counter output (density, flow and temperature)
  •     Power supply: 24 VDC
  •     Power consumption: 3 A
  •     Protection category: IP 67
  •     Accuracy: ± 0,10 % of actual measured flow rate
  •     Measuring range: 400 – 2500 Kg/m3
  •     Suitable for all standard applications up to 142 °C (284 °F)