Fuel Bunker Control

Today΄s measuring methods of fuel bunkering are mainly based on trust by use of manual and volumetric readings. Our Fuel Bunker Control system uses mass flow meters of the Coriolis type for highly accurate measurements of your fuel amount, and ensures that you only pay for what you get. Our system software gives full visual control of the bunkering process, and allows printout of the bunker receipt.

Why invest in Fuel Bunker Control?

A large quantity of fuel oil is transferred from the supplier to the receiver vessel during a fuel oil bunkering. As approximately 60 to 70 % of the total operational costs of the vessel are related to fuel, small measurement inaccuracies and miscalculations of fuel during the bunkering operations may amount to large and unnecessary expenses for the ship owner.

The Vimex Fuel Bunker Control system is designed to ensure that the ship owner and crew at all times have full control of the actual amount of fuel bunkered. The system is an off-the-shelf product suitable for all vessels such as cruise ships, oil tankers, ferries, bulk carriers and container ships. It is applicable for all types and grades of ship fuel, ranging from marine gas oil (MGO) to heavy fuel oil (HFO).

Our system uses flow meters that are particularly suited for bunkering applications. By adapting flow meters with Coriolis technology, the continuous measurement of mass flow, density and temperature of the fuel with one single meter makes it possible to calculate the fuel quantity within an accuracy of 0.1 % of the actual amount. The flow meter is custody transfer approved by OIML (Organisation Internationale de Mιtrologie Lιgale) for fluid measurements and sale of fluids from one party to another.

The flow meter generates pulses, one pulse for every 10 kg of fuel.The output signal formats for remote monitoring are Pulse and Modbus TCP/IP.

  •     Log functions for total fuel bunkering management at any time
  •     Better supervision for charter and owner
  •     Reduce emission tax
  •     Save the environment
  •     High accuracy, 0.1 % of actual flow
  •     Measures fuel mass, density and temperature
  •     Simple installation, minimal space needed for compact flow meter
  •     Easy to operate with touch screen interface
  •     Local and remote monitoring
  •     Print fuel bunker receipt and other customised reports
  •     Limited maintenance costs
  •     No mechanical wear, long life time
  •     Fuel Bunker Control system Ex approved