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Our presence at Poseidonia 2022

We’ve been very happy to meet so many cooperators and friends in this great International Μaritime Εvent of Poseidonia 2022. It seems that International Maritime Industry is flourishing! Thank you very much for visiting us!

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On Board Repairs-Riding Teams through the COVID-19 era: High caliper experienced Service Engineers on a Wide Range of Machinery Maintenance and emergency Repairs all over the world: See photos from our recent jobs

Our company has available riding teams directly employed by AMS, which have been carefully chosen and include high caliper Service Engineers, with wide experience in onboard maintenance and emergency repairs, all over the world. We are familiar with all types of Engines. We are able to carry out a wide range of Machinery Maintenance and Repairs onboard. More information on the Riding Teams page.

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COVID-19 response from Advanced Marine Solutions (AMS Greece)

Our company shows responsibility and commitment to our customers and partners needs, in the COVID era. – We are adapting our routine tasks, as well as, our strategic planning to the new market conditions. – We communicate with our market actors via the telephone, email, our Webpage and the Social Media, such as the LinkedIn, the YouTube and the Twitter. – We respect the government instructions in order to keep our employees as safe as possible. – Another priority is the customer service at no expense of the public health. – We accelerate the adaptation of our marketing tools using interactive real time, online video-audio interface for our sales presentations (e.g. teleconference means). – Our on-board repair crews (riding teams) adhere to the guiding instructions for safeguarding both their own health, as well as, the health of the visiting vessels’ crew.

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Aquametro Remote Comissioning: Special times require Special actions

The COVID situation all over the world has shown us all how fragile our economic and social situation can be.
Especially the Maritime Industry had and still has to suffer from restrictions and lockdowns all over the world, which as well influenced our business and commissioning activities for our fuel performance and monitoring systems on board of the vessel.
Aquametro Oil & Marine is facing these new challenges by Introducing not only new products and solutions, but as well remote commissioning, where no external service technician or specialist is required and no travelling is needed.

AOM - 2021 Highlights

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AMS Greece: Total Iron Test kit from CMT for coping with cold corrosion problems to ship operators.

While in the past the selection and dosage of the lubricant was based solely on fuel sulphur content it is now necessary to take into account a number of new factors.To comply with Tier II NOx regulations and the latest Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) guidelines engine manufacturers have changed their engine design. As a result cold corrosion in these engines is more likely to occur due to liner operation temperatures below the acid dew point. To enable effective slow speed operation older engines are modified to optimize “fuel consumption”. These engines now suffer similar problems due to operation at lower temperatures.

Monitoring of the iron content in the cylinder drain oil and the launching of remedial actions in due time can help to avoid cold corrosion and unnecessary abrasive wear in the cylinder liner.

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Ballast Water Management System. BrightSky (BSKY) is the only one in the world creating high efficient Hydrocyclone for BWMS

Enhanced Physical Treatment (EPT) Technology with No Clogging Separation Unit. It achieves: No Maintenance, No Replacement, No Clogging. Also it is high reliable. No one would think sieve type filter wouldn’t be clogged. Who else can assure a life time of filter under stringent condition?

For more information please see our attached brochure. Feel free to contact us for a tele-presentation meeting (interactively).

BSKY BWMS_Brochure
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