T. M. S.

TMS is a permanent monitoring system which measures the actual (effective) power output of any diesel engine at all times. The torque meter consists of 2 metal tapes with magnetic pattern, two sensors and a transmitter. The tape provides 150~600 pulses per revolution. The sequential magnetic north

Harris Pye

 Scheduled refits, short notice emergency call-outs and long term voyage repairs are considered to be the norm in our working environment.
The equipment and systems that are within our scope of activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Vimex   A.S.
The shipping fleet is responsible for a significant part of pollutants released to air and water. Most ships burn fossil fuels, often the dirtiest fuel on the market, and emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides directly affect our global climate and acidification of the oceans.

E. M. S.
EMS is an advanced cylinder pressure and acoustic emissions based monitoring system. The system incorporates sensors and flywheel pickups of ultimate quality and accuracy. It is designed for use on all types of two or four stroke slow, medium or high speed engines (even V-type engines).
EMS turns any PC into a Diesel Engine Combustion Analyzer allowing real time engine measurement and tuning. Our Monitoring systems can be used to monitor as many diesel engines that may exist onboard a vessel. It runs under any Windows including 2000, XP & Newer.
RK Marine

Marine Valves & Air Heads.

We are now cooperating with one of the biggest manufacturers of valves and air vent (pipe) heads in the field, RK Marine. We can provide most types of valves, such as butterfly valves, SDRN valves, check valves, storm valves, globe valves, angle valves and many more.
The valves are manufactured according to the international JIS, DIN, API, ANSI and GB international Standards. The manufacturing procedure is certified by


C. M. T.

Test Kits:

  • Marine Fuel & Lube Oil Cabinets
  • TBN & Water Test Kits
  • Automatic Fuel Samplers
  • Potable Water Test Kit
  • Sewage Water test kits
  • Boiler & Cooling Water test kits

Condition Monitoring Systems:

  • Vibration Analyser
  • Accoustic Emission
  • LinerSCAN Cylinder Drain Oil
  • Thruster Scaner
  • WaterSCAN